Patron of Victrix – HWR Winners Club

Henley Women’s Regatta and Victrix are delighted to announce that Katherine Grainger CBE has agreed to become the Patron of Victrix. The Regatta itself is fortunate to hold Sir Steve and Lady Ann Redgrave as its patrons, and it was fitting indeed that our greatest ever British female rower accepted this new role of Patron to the club formed to bring together our HWR winners. Katherine has been unstintingly supportive of the Regatta for many years, attending whenever possible and of course, winning her way down the track in her own right (see right).

New Chairman of the Regatta, Miriam Luke (Batten) commented, “It is particularly gratifying that Katherine took the time from her post-Olympic frenzy to accept this position of Victrix Patron. She is in tremendous demand, but remains committed to actively supporting women in rowing, and is demonstrating just that with her acceptance of this role.

In response to the invitation, Katherine was enthusiastic and typically modest. “HWR is unique – the world’s only international regatta for women. It’s a tremendous climax to your season – giving you the chance to be the best in class in that purest of tests, the match race. A win at HWR is like no other, and Victrix is a way for winners to retain that unique connection with crewmates and the regatta alike. I’m delighted to support the excellence delivered by all winners, and am honoured to be asked to be the Victrix patron. I look forward to visiting the Regatta in the future, and meeting our Victrix members in person.”