Concern Universal ‘Water is Life’

Concern Universal attended a unique event at the House of Lords in London on Monday 15th July.  The event, which consisted of over 150 guests was hosted on behalf of Concern Universal by Lord Tyler CBE, and our patrons Richard & Kay Harvey.  Lord Tyler is currently travelling across Malawi to see the work done by Concern Universal.


A surprise special guest was there to get guests thinking about water in all it’s forms! Olympic gold medallist Dr Katherine Grainger, CBE, spoke on behalf of Concern Universal.  The Olympic rower, who won gold in the double sculls at London 2012 was welcomed to the House of Lords together with supporters of Concern Universal for an evening themed around the provision of clean, safe water in Malawi.

Katherine spoke about her own reliance on water and the importance of bringing clean and safe water to people – a resource she said she completely takes for granted both in her sport and in her life.  She could not imagine living without access to water!

Concern Universal Patrons Richard and Kay Harvey shared stories of their time in Kenya and Malawi, drilling boreholes to bring clean water to villages for the first time and being defined as ‘rich’ by a young African boy because they had a tap inside their home

Guests from Hereford, London and international businesses turned out to show their support for the charity.


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